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Rajasthan University elections: Rules take a beating on campus

Norms are a farce. The upcoming university elections are a testimony to it. Reams have been written on the issue, but nothing has changed on the ground zero.
During a walk through the Rajasthan University campus, one only gets to see SUVs painted in campaign posters, slogans on walls and groups of students reaching out to freshers.

A guard posted at the main gate of RU knows the exact sequence of events that will take place till the election results are announced.
He accurately tells TOI when the first clash between student groups would take place and when police would resort to lathicharge.
Even the university administration and police are aware of the sequence but they hardly take any step to prevent the hooliganism on the campus.
There is still a month to go for student union elections, but campaigning already seems to be in full flow on the university campus. The self-proclaimed leaders have put up posters and banners claiming that they are 'born to serve the students'.
Defacing public property is a crime. But authorities seem to be in no mood to take action against these so-called leaders who have pasted their posters with cell numbers almost everywhere. No action over the years has made these leaders fearless.

An NSUI leader has parked his SUV just outside the main gate partially obstructing the entry.

The incessant honking by cars stuck in the jam falls on deaf ears of the leader and his loyalists. The leader rather gives a threatening look to those who request him to move his car.

Similar was the scene inside the campus with students in 'mid-ages' occupying the road leaving no space for motorcycle and cars. A leader can be spotted among the group due to his special characteristics. He would mostly wear a white cotton shirt, a jeans and white shoes.

The guard, who has been manning the varsity's main gate from the past 10 years, reveals that these leaders stand here to increase their visibility among new students.


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